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> 140
> 1800
> 500 customers delivered
on daily basis
20 Million +
> 1 Lakh Sq Feet
Warehouse Space


Offering a broad variety of high-quality chemicals, solvents, reagents, acid, bases, metals, elements, salts and biochemicals such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes, stains, and substrates, etc.

Life Science

Whether you work in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, proteomics, oncology, biotechnology or any other field, we provide millions of products from well-known brands that suits your lab requirement


A full spectrum of high-quality chromatography consumables that includes columns, vials, membranes, resins, filter papers for HPLC, GC, LC, etc.

Electro Chemistry

A wide range of top-notch probes, accessories, meters, and chemicals that lab analysts require to test pH, conductivity, or carry out titrations using electrochemical methods


Finest quality scientific laboratory glassware that includes volumetric ware, laboratory bottles, analytical vials and closures, general laboratory glassware, glass filtration products, glassware for microbiology and lab accessories


Providing best quality plastic products for life science laboratory that includes plastic labware, centrifuge ware, cryo labware, tissue culture ware, cell culture ware, etc.

Liquid Handling Consumables

Offering reliable automated and manual liquid handling system solutions that allows you to speed up routine tasks and avoid setup errors

Equipments & Instruments

Innovate and modern laboratory equipment and benchtop instruments enables to accelerate life science research

Safety and Clean Room

Our portfolio provides broad range of products to maintain the aseptic condition in clean room and controlled environment